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Transport for Londoners

EVERY JOURNEY MATTERS - Reimagining movement in the city

Transport For Londoners is a blog where I shared the research for my final graduating project of my Service Design Masters at the Royal College of Art, exploring the question: how to get more people cycling around London?

The posts I wrote covered my refelections on automated vehicles, Mobility as a Service (MaaS), dockless bicycles, beahviour change and barriers, financial models for mobility and my own research methods.

On a strategic level, the project was a response to the Mayor of London's Transport Strategy published in March 2018, which sets out a vision for cycling in the capital to increase by 15% by 2041, and for car journeys to be cut by 3 million each day, in order to address the increasing problems of air pollution, congestion, inactivity and obesity, public health costs and population growth.

I published selected posts form the blog in a printed booklet exhibited alongside my work at the RCA graduate show 2018, giving visitors the wider context for the resulting service design solution I proposed (Bike Buddies).

The broader philisophical narrative for this project was laid down in summer 2017 whilst writing my disseration - Cities For a Small Planet and other urban tales - which took both a personal and critical view on why and how we might better design the future of our human habitats.
Date: 2018