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Transport for Londoners

EVERY JOURNEY MATTERS - Reimagining movement in the city

Transport For Londoners is a blog where I am sharing the research for my final graduating project of my Service Design Masters at the Royal College of Art, exploring the question: how to get more people cycling around London?

The posts I’ve written cover my refelections on automated vehicles, Mobility as a Service (MaaS), dockless bicycles, beahviour change and barriers, financial models for mobility and my own research methods.

On a strategic level, the project is a response to the Mayor of London's Transport Strategy published in March 2018, which sets out a vision for cycling in the capital to increase by 15% by 2041, and for car journeys to be cut by 3 million each day, to address the increasing problems of air pollution, congestion, inactivity and obesity, public health costs and population growth.

The broader philisophical narrative for this project was laid down in summer 2017 whilst writing my disseration - Cities For a Small Planet and other urban tales - which took both a personal and critical view on why and how we might better design the future of our human habitats.
Date: 2018