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Designers have the opportunity and the privillage to influence the way people think and behave. Everyone is a designer to a certain extent.

“You have a duty to make it fun. Even when times are hard and the light gets dark. If you don’t you’ll just get born and then you’ll die. And that’s no fun.”
- Dan Germain


Having recently graduated from a masters in Service Design* at the Royal College of Art, followed by a few months at Policy Lab, I have now joined the UK government’s Local Digital Collaboration Unit to #FixThePlumbing. My original training was from Brighton University with a first-class honours degree in 3D Design** back in 2007.

Since then I’ve designed products, graphics, systems and services gathering plenty of stories and adventures along the way. I’ve done my fair share of internships, coffee shop jobs and ‘proper’ jobs, including running London’s favorite music venue - Union Chapel. I also exhibitied some of my work at London’s Marsden Woo Gallery, (ironically) have one of my designs in production with Suck UK, and this year landed the Future of Money Design Award.

Physical objects still fascinate me, but it’s the stories and people that bind them together - and the futures they can create - that really motivate me. 

Getting under the skin of places, behind the scenes of people’s lives, and imagining alternative futures, is what gets me excited. Aside from project research, I’ve found volunteering and travelling great ways to stay curious - I’ve walked across Spain, litter-picked Glastonbury Festival, been part of the inaugural DO Lectures, taught kids to make fires in the woods, cycled to Copenhagen using Warmshowers, run a marathon, and helped build a cinema with Assemble.

Languages are another interesting window on people, places and the past. Je parle français, hablo español, e un po'di italiano. Japanese is next on my lingusitic bucket list.

*Service Design is the design of services, including public, private and the business models that underpin them. I find it useful to imagine a theatre director, choreographing scenes of a story, working in a multi-disciplinary team front and back stage, with props and scenery only limited by your collective imagination. It encompasses all the traditional design disciplines and requires a multi-disciplinary approach integrating other fields of expertise and co-design with users.

**3D Design at Brighton University was essentially designing, and hands-on making objects in the workshop (wood, metal, plastics, ceramics).

Exhibitions & Awards

Future of Money Design Award, 2018
ShowRCA 2018, London
Lightworks, Marsden Woo Gallery, London, 2010
It’s Nice That Original Format Exhibition, 2008 Plymouth + London
Tent London, 2007
New Designers 2007, London


The Fundamentals of Product Design
Frame Magazine, Jan 2008
Times Style Magazine, June 2007