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Small Pink Book and other urban tales

Small Pink Book and other urban tales is the written dissertation project from my masters degree at the Royal College of Art, awarded a distinction grade. It is a collection of short stories recounted alongside critical analysis of three proposed principles for urban design: freedom, wilderness and belonging. Written in a creative non-fiction style, the intention is to build a compelling and engaging narrative for planning and designing our future human habitats.

The core themes of the work are inspired by four particular objects and places which have deeply influenced my experience and understanding of cities: a small pink book, Cities for a Small Planet by Richard Rogers; the humble bicycle, of which I have owned three; Brighton Beach, where I lived for six years; and Union Chapel, where I worked for four years.

Self-published including layout, covers, and sleeve design.
Printed by The Ludo Press Ltd., London, 2017 on 100% post-consumer recycled paper.

PDF downloads:
Book One: Small Pink Book (preface)
Book Two: Bicycle
Book Three: Beach
Book Four: Chapel
Book Five: Cities for a Small Planet (conclusion)
Book Six: Appendices (research interviews)

Soundcloud audiobooks: