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Weave is an online platform that brings together young people, parents and teachers to build positive opportunities and experiences for young people to grow and develop. In time an integrated network of support and care is created around each young person.

The project was a response to an open breif from Lambeth Council - a cooperative council - to develop new services that would harness the resources in the local community, and develop their exisiting youth platform, the Young Lambeth Coop (YLC).

A young person’s network comprises all the people and places with which they interact; it has the potential to provide support and grow their opportunities and aspirations. A well-connected network acts as a preventative structure against unemployment, physical and mental health problems, youth crime and gang culture, all of which are persistent issues for young people in Lambeth.

Weave’s role is to keep young people and their parents engaged in youth activities in Lambeth, so that over time multiple nodes of support will build resilience and opportunities into the young person’s network, connecting them with youth workers, mentors, new friends, and the new activities themselves.

Weave’s primary touch point would be an online platform allowing young people, their parents and teachers, as well as activity providers to come together online, matching their interests and supporting young people along their journey of personal development. The Weave platform would be supported by a database of all activity providers in Lambeth, to provide a definitive and accessible resource for all stakeholders.

To help parents network and socialise, Weave would offer vouchers for local cafes and grocery stores, as well as facilitating car sharing.

For young people, Weave would have a CV building function, helping them to transition onto work or higher education, potentially connecting with other organisation’s websites such as UCAS and the Jobcentre.

Project partner: Lambeth Council + Young Lambeth Coop.
Project team: Ji-Young Lee, Lance Cheng, Yoonjung Choi, Becky Miller

Year: 2016