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Pots Not Pans

A continuous collection of pots - too many for the cupboard.

Pots Not Pans is a digital archive I use to document and share my observations of under-valued consumer packaging that serve as containers but which often die an early death in the kitchen bin.

I started the Pots Not Pans project in 2014 in response to complaints from flat mates for filling the kitchen cupboards with empty jars. Since then I have gained a reputation as a ‘pot connoisseur’, sharing words and pictures for each pot in the collection - I am sometimes gifted pots to feature on the blog.

I enjoy the serendipity and satisfaction in repurposing a pre-used pot. I also find there is a subtle irony in that we love to consume things, yet throw away an equal number of empty vessels. (previously on tumblr)

Year: 2014 (ongoing)