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Buttercups and Conkers

This is blog about buttercups and conkers, and anything else you might find in the woods. It is a collection of posts which tell the story of a trainee Forest School teacher in November 2015 at Friston Forest, East Sussex, and beyond.

Two years ago, I decided to put my money where my mouth was and signed up to train as a Forest School Teaching Assistant. 

In the UK most people are unfamilar with the concept of Forest School. In Sandanavian countries its commonplace, where children regularly spend time outdoors, normally among trees, and are encouraged to direct their own play and learning. Studies have proven it to improve concentration, interpersonal skills and self-esteem. Andrew Louv wrote a best-selling book about it, Last Child In The Woods. I decided to write a blog about my experience of it, called Buttercups and Conkers (you’ll have to read this post find out why).

Year: 2015 (ongoing)